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Most Common Household Molds And The Health Problems They Cause

There are many types of mold that can be found indoors. How do you know if the mold growing in your home will harm you or your loved ones? When in doubt, you should always call a professional mold remediation company to test the mold. Here are the most common household molds and problems they cause.


Cladosporium is the most common household mold and usually doesn't cause major health problems. It is a cause of concern for people with allergies and asthma. The mold has airborne spores that move through the air. Large amounts of this mold can cause asthma attacks. It can also make allergies worse so you sneeze, cough, and break out in a rash. Cladosporium grows on wet areas in your home and look like olive green, brown, or black bunches. It is easy to clean up and only creates a problem in large amounts.


Does this name sound familiar? It should. Penicillium is where we get penicillin, the antibiotic that helps to kill unwanted bacteria when you get sick. It is also used to make many types of cheese including brie and gorgonzola. You might assume that penicillium is a perfectly safe mold to have in your home, but you'd be wrong. There are over 300 species of penicillium and some of them do cause health problems. The most common problem comes from allergies that cause headaches, sneezing, and rash. Penicillium is found behind wallpaper and under carpet. It can grow wherever there is enough moisture or dirt to obtain nutrients.


Alternaria is a very widespread mold and the most common cause of allergies and asthma. When someone says they have "hay fever" they are talking about a reaction to alternaria. It grows almost anywhere in your home, including on food, under carpets, in dust, on cosmetics, and within your electronics. You'll recognize alternaria by it's suede-like colonies that are grey, black, and dark green. Alternaria grows very quickly so one day you might see a small colony and not recognize it but the next day see a large colony that is obviously alternaria.


Like penicillium, aspergillus has many species. Some are harmful and some are helpful. For example, some species of aspergillus are used to make the Japanese alcoholic drink sake. The species aspergillus fumigatus is the most dangerous to your health. It creates aflatoxin which is a powerful carcinogen. These molds harm the lungs and can cause symptoms including wheezing, coughing, and chest pain. Some are known to damage the liver and others are dangerous to the health of your pets.

With this information, you might have an idea of what mold you have in your home. Make sure to contact a mold remediation company like Commonwealth Moisture And Mold Specialists Llc to make sure and to remove the mold thoroughly.