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How to Remove Paint Stains From Carpeting

Paint is designed to alter the color of the material that is applied on, but when it accidentally spreads to other surfaces, it can ruin the aesthetic of a room and be a real pain to remove. This is doubly so for carpeting, which is already absorbent and will do its best to hold onto paint that mistakenly comes into contact with it. Thankfully, there are a number of things that you can do to remove paint from your carpet and leave your floors looking clean again.

Before You Begin

Before you get started, you should gather all of the materials and tools that you'll need in order to speed the process up as much as possible. You'll need common household cleaning detergent, paper towels, a table knife, an iron, and some clean rags. All of these items can be found at most grocery stores if they aren't already in your house.

Fresh Paint Stains

For fresh paint that has fallen onto your carpet, the best thing that you can do is move quickly. Blot the wet paint with paper towels to absorb as much of the paint as possible.

Then, combine a mixture of warm water and detergent, and continue to blot the area. Avoid scrubbing the paint, as this can cause it to spread across your carpet.

Continue to blot the area until the stain has been removed. Be sure to dry the carpet thoroughly after cleaning it, as water absorbed into the carpet can cause mold growth if left unchecked.

Dry Paint Stains

For stains that have already had the chance to dry, you should use a table knife to scrape away the hardened top layer of the stain. Try to use a dull knife, as a sharp knife could cut the carpet or you.

Then, use the iron to steam the area. This will soften the paint stain and make it easier to remove. Place a rag soaked in water between the iron to prevent any damage to the carpet and to increase the amount of moisture that the paint stain is exposed to.

Once the stain has been softened, you can continue to use the table knife to scrape away the remaining paint. Alternatively, you can combine a mixture of cleaning detergent and warm water to blot at the stain with a paper towel to further loosen up the paint and remove it. Again, once the stain has been removed, be sure to dry the carpet.