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Preventing Mold on Wood Window Frames

Wooden windows and the surrounding frame and sill can be a target for mold issues. The problem can happen in winter due to condensation buildup on the glass or in the summer as a result of humid, wet weather. Regardless of the cause, cleanup and ongoing prevention is a must. The following tips can help.

Tip #1: Fix old weatherstripping

Moisture often seeps in around window glass via old or worn-out weather stripping. Replacing the old with new can help prevent this issue. It's also wise to check for any drafts around the window frame. If you find any gaps that are allowing drafts in, then you can be assured that moisture is also coming in. Remedy the problem by caulking the gaps to seal against both drafts and moisture.

Tip #2: Refresh the paint

Mold occurs primarily on bare wood, which means the bulk of the damage is going to occur in areas where the paint is old, flaking off, worn thin, or bubbling. Scrape off the damaged paint and cover it with a couple of coats of a high-gloss latex paint. Keeping the wood painted will prevent major structural mold damage.

Tip #3: Keep the frames dry

Keeping the window frames dry may seem like a losing battle, but give it your best shot. In winter or when condensation seems to be a major ongoing problem, keep an absorbent towel or squeegee nearby to keep the condensation from running off the glass and onto the wood frames. Running a dehumidifier in the home can also help prevent too much moisture from building up.

Tip #4: Remove mold promptly

If you notice dark-green or black spots forming on the window frame or sill, act quickly. A solution of ½ cup bleach diluted in a gallon of cold water will remove both the mold and its stains if the mold hasn't penetrated the paint. Wipe the bleach solution onto the mold, allow it to set for 10 minutes or so, and then wipe it off. Getting in the habit of wiping the frames weekly or monthly with a bleach cleaner is also a good idea so that mold never has a chance to grow. The bleach kills the mold spores so it won't grow back too quickly. The key is to act quick so that long-term damage or staining doesn't occur to the wood itself.

For more in-depth mold remediation or treatment, contact a mold-remediation company such as Servpro Of Washington County in your area.