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Successful Tips for Removing Cat Barf from Your Home's Carpet

One of the unfortunate realities of living in a home with cats is that they will invariably barf (or worse) on your carpet from time to time. Since many cat foods often contain bright-colored dyes, cat vomit can be very hard to remove from even the most stain-resistant carpeting. Thankfully, with a bit of effort and the proper technique, you can remove even the worst cat puke from your home's carpet. To this end, here are some tips for successfully removing your cat's latest "gift" from the carpet:

Remove the Solid Matter Using Your Dustpan 

The first step in cleaning the vomit off of your carpet is to remove as much of the solid matter as possible. The best tool to use for this task is a dustpan. Place the edge of your dustpan next to the solids and quickly scoop it off of the carpet's surface. When you remove the solids, make sure that you do not rub anything further into the carpet's fibers. 

Make a Baking Soda Paste to Clean the Spot

Once you have removed the solid matter, you will be left with a wet spot on your carpet. Though your first instinct is likely to rub the spot with a wet cloth, this is pretty much the worst thing you can do. Rubbing the stained area forces the vomit down into the fibers of the carpet. If the barf is colorful, this technique causes the fibers of your carpet to become stained by the food dyes from your cat's food.

Instead of rubbing, make a paste out of baking soda and water. Use a clean cloth and gently rub a layer of this paste onto the carpet stain. Let the mixture sit on the stain for about half of an hour. 

Blot the Stained Spot Clean with Cold Water

After you have let the baking soda past sit on the carpet's stain for a bit, then you need to remove it using cold water. Using cold water, wet a clean cotton cloth and wring it out well. Use the damp cloth to blot the stain and pick up the baking soda. You need to rinse the cloth and wring it out repeatedly until there is no more stain or baking soda present.

Use a Paper Towel to Dry the Carpet

Finally, while your carpet will need to air dry for a day or so, you can hasten the drying process by placing a paper towel over the stain and dabbing it on the carpet. Paper fibers are very absorbent and using a paper towel will dry the carpet more quickly because you can easily remove the majority of the moisture.

Hopefully these tips will restore your carpet back to normal. If you need further assistance, contact carpet cleaning companies like Jay's Carpet Cleaning.