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Specific Tasks To Have Your Commercial Cleaners Tackle At Your Grocery Store

Beyond having good food at reasonable prices, perhaps the biggest thing that customers want to see at their local grocery store is a high degree of cleanliness. If you manage such a retail business, you definitely want to find the best commercial cleaning service in the area to visit your location every night while the store is closed. While your own staff can manage in-aisle spills and other issues during the day, a deep cleaning every night will have your supermarket looking its best when the doors open in the morning. Here are some specific areas that your janitorial service will need to focus on specifically.


An in-store butchery is a place that customers don't actually enter, but they can definitely see beyond the meat displays into where the butchers are working. And, perhaps more importantly, they can also smell this area as they approach. A dirty butchery area can quickly repel customers, and smells in this area — namely, stale blood — can be common. Ensure that the cleaners can thoroughly wipe down each of the services and carefully mop the floor during every shift, as well as disinfect any areas with which raw meat comes into contact.

Ready-Made Meals Area

If your supermarket has an area in which your customers can buy ready-made meals, this is another area to which your janitorial service should devote considerable attention. This is essentially a restaurant within your store, and restaurants must be spotless to keep their customers coming back. For many grocery stores, the ready-made meal area can be a highly lucrative part of their business, but having customers see dirty equipment and messes on the floor as they wait for their food can prompt them to look elsewhere. The cleaners should also take care to clean the glass and all surfaces of the food display cases, as grime in such areas can understandably bother customers.

Produce Section

While it's easy to make an argument that every part of your store should be clean, the produce section is one of the most important. Not only is this a place that your customers go for fresh food that they can touch, see, and smell with ease, but it's also a place that can get messy. Customers routinely drop fresh produce, which can leave the floor and the display areas sticky. Over time, this stickiness — especially if it's sweet — may draw ants, flies, and other pests, which will certainly drive your customers away.