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3 Simple Tips For Cleaning Your Vinyl Floors

Vinyl is a durable, affordable, and easy-to-maintain flooring material. However, no matter how easy it is to maintain, your vinyl floors will require a periodic cleaning. From dust and hair to food crumbs and grease, cleaning your floors may seem overwhelming. Thankfully, this guide will help you clean your vinyl floors with ease. Here are a few tips to help you clean and maintain these durable floors.

Dry Mop or Vacuum

One of the greatest benefits of vinyl is you do not have to worry about scratching or damaging the vinyl, so a quick cleanup with a dry mop or vacuum is sufficient in many cases.

Use a dry dust mop or vacuum to remove dirt, dust, hair, and light crumbs from the floor periodically. Because this is such as an easy task, you can use the dust mop or vacuum every day or a few times a week.

Vinegar Solution

If you feel your vinyl needs a more involved cleaning, consider creating a solution out of common household ingredients. Vinegar is an excellent ingredient to use, since its acidic properties eat through tough dirt, food residue, and grease, without affecting your home with toxic ingredients.

To get started, combine 1 cup of vinegar with 1 cup of water in a spray bottle. Mix and then spray the solution onto your vinyl floors after dry mopping or vacuuming. Allow the vinegar and water to sit for a few minutes before using a damp mop to remove the leftover cleaning solution.

Many people find the scent of vinegar unappealing, but you can mask this odor by adding a few drops of liquid dish detergent to the solution.

Stain Remover

Vinyl does not usually stain. However, if you have spilled dark juices, such as grape or tomato juice, onto the floor and did not clean it up immediately, you may have some slight discoloration on the vinyl.

Fortunately, removing these stains is simple with the right cleaning solution. Combine baking soda and water in a bowl. Add just enough water to create a paste. If it is too watery, add more baking soda.

Apply the paste directly to the discolored area of your vinyl floor, lighting rubbing the paste into the stain. After a few minutes, wipe up the baking soda paste with a damp cloth. The baking soda can quickly absorb the color from the vinyl, diminishing the stain on your floor.

Vinyl is one of the easiest types of floors to care for, but it still needs to be cleaned. This guide will help you clean your vinyl floor with ease. For more information, reach out to companies like Peerless Building Maintenance.