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Tips To Get Your Camper Cleaned Up After A Black Water Tank Overflow Disaster

After you have used your camping trailer for a period, the black tank containing sewage needs to be drained into a sewer dump location. It is also recommended to spray out the black tank with clean water while you complete this draining process, which helps remove debris that might get stuck inside your tank.

But when your black tank does not drain as it should while you are flooding it with fresh water, it can cause the black tank to overflow the trailer's toilets and cause severe water damage and contamination in your trailer that you need to remedy. Here are some tips to help you clean up after this type of accident.

Wear Protective Gear

During any part of the cleanup which you participate in, you should wear protective gear to protect you from the bacteria, viruses, and other elements and chemicals that are present in sewage and your trailer's black water tank. Be sure to wear protective rubber boots, waterproof coveralls that you can dispose of or thoroughly sanitize when you are finished, rubber gloves, eye protection, and a breathing respirator mask. 

Because sewage that has contaminated your camper has gotten within the carpeting, wall materials, furnishings, and any other surfaces along its path, it will be necessary for you to thoroughly clean all surfaces or remove them to dispose if you cannot clean them.

Hire a Professional Sewage Clean-Up

As the clean-up in your trailer can be difficult to remove all the harmful substances and dry out the area afterward, it is recommended to hire a professional water damage and sewage clean-up service. They will have the cleaning equipment and process to clean all traces of sewage from your camper.

And because there can be many areas inside your camper that water may have seeped unbeknownst to you, a water damage professional can use moisture-reading equipment to locate areas of existing water damage to remedy them. For example, behind the wall and cupboard panels and beneath the built-in fridge are spaces that can be a collection point of sewage that can breed bacteria if left. So they have the cleaning equipment to extract all the water, then dehumidify the area to remove all traces of sewage and dry out the area properly.

Water damage from sewage can grow mold more quickly than water damage from clean water because of the contaminants and fungi within the sewage water. A professional clean-up crew understand this and will clean, disinfect, and sanitize your camper's interior to remove all traces of bacteria and pathogens that can harm your family's health. For more information, contact a water damage restoration service in your area.