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4 Common Stubborn Carpet Stains And How To Clean Them Off

If you have carpet flooring, it is almost a sure bet that it will stain in its lifetime. You can clean most stains with commonly available detergents, but some are annoyingly stubborn to remove. These stubborn stains can turn your carpet unsightly quickly. You must know how to remove them unless you are prepared to replace carpets every few months. Which are these stubborn stains, and how do you deal with them?

1. Ink

Ink stains are rare, but they happen. Your pen will sometimes fall to the carpet, or in more notable accidents, the dropping of an ink jar. Ink dries quickly and is very hard to remove if it is not washed off within a short time before drying. Hair spray and fingernail polish remover can work on ink that is partially dried. It is better to hand over the carpet to a carpet cleaning service when you have a large dried ink stain.

2. Blood

Cutlery accidents and knocks are common causes of bloodstains in a home. It is important to dab away as much blood as you can while it is still wet. But it will still leave a mark on the carpet. Do not make the mistake of trying to wash it away with warm or hot water. For large dried blood stains, engage a carpet cleaning service. They have organic solvents that work well on bloodstains.

3. Kool-Aid

This popular drink is unfortunately one of the hardest to clean as a carpet stain. You should dab and don't rub it with paper towels or absorbent towels. Common commercial detergents achieve mixed success in removing Kool-Aid stains. Your best bet is a carpet cleaning service.

4. Red Wine

Wine stains are glaring and they also leave a lingering smell. Red wine stains are especially stubborn. Dab away as much wine as you can with something absorbent such as paper towels. Pour water with vinegar, tonic water, or baking soda on it to make the stain less visible. Dried wine stains are harder to remove. Trying to remove them with a stiff brush and harsh detergent risks damaging your carpet. For these stubborn stains, engage carpet cleaning services to clean them off.

Do you have a carpet that is losing attractiveness because of staining? Engage carpet cleaning services to wash off stubborn stains effectively. They have better resources in skills, human resources, and experience to deal with these stains and make your carpet look as new.

For help with stains, reach out to carpet cleaning services.