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Three Important Questions To Ask When Hiring A Medical Cleaning Service

Cleaning a medical office or facility can be challenging. You need to ensure the surfaces that someone else touched are free of germs and bacteria. You also need to clean to remove dirt and dust. Many hospitals, doctors' offices, and therapy centers outsource their medical cleaning needs to professionals to ensure the job is done correctly. If you are looking to outsource your medical cleaning needs, here are three important questions that you need to ask as you look to hire a medical cleaning service. 

Are You Compliant With CDC and OSHA Cleaning Requirements?

One of the first questions that you should ask when you are looking to outsource your medical cleaning needs is whether a specific cleaning company is compliant with CDC and OSHA medical cleaning requirements, as well as any additional requirements in your local city, county, or state. When it comes to medical cleaning, both the CDC and OSHA have rules about the types of disinfectants and cleaning agents that can be used, gear that must be worn when cleaning and how to clean certain items. If your medical center is not following CDC and OSHA guidelines, your medical facility can be fined or, worse, shut down. 

Do You Dispose of Biohazard Trash?

Another important question to ask as you look to hire a medical cleaning company is whether they dispose of biohazard trash. Biohazard trash cannot be disposed of with regular trash. You need to choose cleaning companies that will properly dispose of the trash. You want to ensure you know what is happening with the trash and who is responsible for properly getting rid of it. 

What Exactly Will You Clean Within the Space? 

Finally, ask a medical cleaning company to provide you with their cleaning checklist. Medical cleaning companies should have detailed checklists that explain everything they are responsible for cleaning. Does the company sanitize tubes or reusable items between patients, or is that your responsibility? Looking at a detailed checklist helps you see what you are paying for and allows you to compare one company to another. 

As you look to hire a medical cleaning service, you need to ensure that they are compliant with medical cleaning requirements in your area, learn whether they dispose of biohazard trash, and learn what exactly they are responsible for cleaning within the space. Asking each of the three questions listed above will help you understand what you are getting when you hire a cleaning service and ensure they are the best company to meet your cleaning needs.