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Adding Commercial Cleaning To Your Residential Business: What You Need

To add commercial cleaning to your list of services is to increase your customer base in a big way. You already have a residential cleaning business, so going to commercial janitorial cleaning won't be a huge stretch of either your skills or your equipment.

You will need to add some new things and potentially new employees to your business to be an effective and reliable commercial cleaning specialist. Here are some things to consider adding to your business so you can make yourself a successful commercial cleaning company as well as a residential cleaning service.

A commercial vacuum

Cleaning large areas will take a long time if you are using a regular residential vacuum. You'll get the work done faster and be able to cover far more ground if you invest in a commercial vacuum.

There are lots of styles to consider but a shoulder canister commercial vacuum can be best for your commercial cleaning business. This way, you can clean stairs and floors with ease without lugging a large canister around with your arms. You can easily dust and perform other tasks with one hand and vacuum expertly with the other.

Larger warehouses and other commercial buildings will require the use of a larger sweeper vacuum, which you can rent from an equipment store.

A versatile window cleaning tool

Cleaning high windows in a commercial building can be difficult when you have a traditional duster and lint-free cloths only to clean with. Invest in a hand-held cleaning tool for windows that can allow you the freedom to reach up and get to those higher windows in commercial buildings without straining your body or making you use a ladder. As a bonus, these versatile tools can also be used for dusting.

A large arsenal of commercial cleaning tools

You'll want more than the classic residential cleaning agents you use in homes when you add commercial cleaning to your business. You'll be cleaning anything from commercial kitchens to kennels and you need to have cleaning chemicals and agents in bulk so you can meet the sanitizing needs of the buildings you clean. You may also need to invest in a pressure or power washing machine so you can effectively remove grime and filth from the surfaces of your clients, especially if you are doing both interior and exterior commercial cleaning.

Many of these things you can buy at your local commercial cleaning or service supply store, or you can order these tools and supplies online. You can rent larger machines until you can afford to buy them. For more ideas of what you may need, visit a commercial cleaning company such as Stop Cleaning Services.