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Steps To Take After Floodwater Gets Inside Of Your Home

If you live in an area where floods are a possibility due to living next to a body of water, you likely worry about the prospect of what would happen if water rushed into your home. If this situation happens, there are steps to take immediately to attempt to save your home and personal items from damage.

Contact A Professional Immediately

Instead of trying to tend to floodwaters on your own, it is important to make a phone call to a service that specializes in the removal of moisture, drying of a home's interior, and mold remediation. A service that provides around-the-clock service is best as there will be someone available to come to your home right away to conduct an assessment of the amount of water that has gotten inside. They will then work diligently at removing water before it has a chance to settle against your walls or floors for an extended period of time. Do not take the risk of waiting to contact this type of service. If there are others in your area suffering from floodwater, you may need to wait your turn to be evaluated. The sooner you call, the sooner your home will be assessed.

Prepare Yourself Before You Save Items

Dealing with water that has come into a home from a lake, river, or another body of water can cause bacteria to adhere to your skin if you come into contact with it. For health reasons, it is best to protect all exposed areas of your body before you attempt to remove items from the water coming into your home. Use waders to protect your legs, as these will allow you to move freely through the water without having any of it touch your skin in the process. Use waterproof gloves that come up to your elbows for your arms and hands. 

Remove Items And Pump Water If Possible

After you have protected your body, you can remove smaller items from the water if you feel they have a chance of being salvaged. Take the items to a location where they can dry. Do not attempt to remove larger pieces of furniture by yourself if water has accumulated, as you put yourself at risk of falling into the water if you are unable to shift your weight appropriately. If you have a water pump available, plug it into an outlet away from the lowest floor and use an extension cord to reach it toward the water. Divert the water outdoors until an emergency water restoration service arrives to take over the process.

Contact a 24/7 emergency water damage floor restoration service to learn more.