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Why You Should Not Wait Too Long To Schedule Carpet Cleaning

One common misconception is that vacuuming a carpet is enough to keep dirt and germs away. But did you know that one square inch of carpet can hold about 200,000 bacteria?

Your carpet collects bacteria, dust, and debris over time. And as these pollutants build up, they can cause serious health problems for you and your household. The longer you wait to schedule a professional carpet cleaning service, the more damage you cause. So, it would help if you did not wait too long in between carpet cleanings to avoid the following: 


As bacteria build up in your carpet, you are at a higher risk of having allergy attacks. The allergy symptoms may include coughing, stuffy and runny nose, sneezing, and skin irritation.

If you frequently wake up with these symptoms, it is time to hire a carpet cleaning service. Cleaning helps reduce the impact of mold and pollen, which are triggers for an allergy attack.

Since there is no cure for allergies, treating them out of pocket is quite expensive. Managing recurring allergy attacks can also be stressful.

Respiratory Issues

When dust mites infest your carpets, their droppings can trigger respiratory issues such as rhinitis and asthma. The droppings easily mix with air and cause symptoms such as a runny nose or wheezing when inhaled.

Dirt, dust, pet hair, and mold can also build up in the carpet and spread into the air around your home. These pollutants pose a health risk to children who spend much time on the floor. So, if you fail to deep clean your carpet, you may spend more money treating respiratory illnesses.

Mental Anguish

Keeping your carpets clean helps reduce mental anguish and stress. It is a sure way to avoid flea infestation and respiratory illnesses, which are stressful to remedy. 

With a professional carpet cleaning service, your home will look cleaner. And a clean home can reduce depressive symptoms, feelings of anxiety, and stress.

Reduced Carpet Lifespan

Depending on the carpet fibers, carpet cushion, type of carpet, and exposure to wear and tear, a carpet can last between 5 and 15 years with proper care. If you take too long to hire a cleaning service, stains and soils tear or wear down the carpet fibers.

Regular professional cleaning helps remove deep-set stains, dust, and dirt eroding the carpet fibers. It is a reliable way to extend your carpet's lifespan and reduce replacement costs.  

For more information about carpet cleaning, contact a local company.