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6 Types Of Fabric Suitable For Professional Dry Cleaning

Different types of cloth usually have labels that dictate the ideal clean-up method. Delicate fabrics, like silk and linen, usually need professional dry cleaning to avoid damage. Read on to explore top materials better suited for professional dry cleaning. 

1. Silk

Some silk is hand-washable, but improper wash procedures reduce the lifetime of pure silk items. Besides, silk fabrics have sturdy, natural fibers that don't wholly absorb dyes. So if you handwash with soap and water, the material may lose color, shrink, and become distorted. But professional dry cleaning ensures colors remain vibrant and the fabric is protected from damage.

2. Suede

A special type of leather primarily from goat, calf, or lambskin hide, suede material is expensive but difficult to maintain. The material is sensitive to water, light, chemical-based, and water-based cleaners. With professional dry cleaning, the experts use nontoxic chemicals to keep your suede fabric in good shape.

3. Linen

Linen is a natural fiber that can wrinkle and shrink easily if washed in hot water or if put in the dryer. Besides, failure to care for linen makes the material lose its quality and crispiness. Then, the material starts to feel rough and may not be as comfortable on your skin. But professional dry cleaning exposes linen to high heat, leaving the flax fibers in the material fresher and better.

4. Rayon

Rayon is a bit on the fence about whether to handwash or dry-clean because the material is semisynthetic. The dye can fade off when you wash rayon fabric in warm water. Also, inappropriate washing causes rayon to shrink and deform despite the cellulose content. So while you can handwash with cold water and mild detergent, professional dry cleaning is the safer option.

5. Cashmere

Derived from the smooth undercoat of cashmere goats, cashmere fibers have a very fine texture. So, the fabric is soft and luxurious but prone to damage. The agitation caused by washing machines can cause the fibers to become felted and tangled. A dryer, too, can shrink the fabric. Conversely, professional dry cleaning provides the ideal temperatures to keep your cashmere garments safe.

6. Denim

Professional dry-cleaning is ideal for preserving delicate high-end types of denim. Some stains may be difficult to remove from denim, and vigorous friction causes the material to bleed. Professional dry-cleaning experts use gentle solvents to remove dirt and grime without deterioration.


Professional dry-cleaning prevents mishaps that may ruin your fabric. Instead, you get an excellent outcome that extends the life of your garments. So, don't hesitate to find appropriate dry cleaning services if you have any of the above fabrics.

Contact a local dry-cleaning service, such as All In One Laundry, to learn more.