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Know The Right Method To Clean Your Floor

As much as you may want to get right to cleaning the floors in your home, using the right method is just as important. Not knowing what you are doing can lead to damaging the floors, which will make them look worse in the end. Here are the right methods to use when cleaning a variety of common household flooring materials.


It is best to clean hardwood flooring with a gentle cleaning solution designed specifically for hardwood flooring materials. You want to avoid using an excessive amount of water, and definitely stay clear of steam cleaners. Water is going to damage that natural hardwood over time, even if it seems to work great the first time. In addition, keeping the floor clean of dirt and debris can do a lot, since those materials will not get pushed into the wood grain or scratch the surface. 


The trick to cleaning laminate flooring is to use a damp mop or cloth, as well as a cleaning solution designed for laminate flooring material. While laminate flooring is going to be more resistant to scratches than natural hardwood, you still want to avoid any hard scrubbing to get surface stains out of the material. 

Engineered Hardwood

You may think that engineered hardwood is safe to use water on when compared to natural hardwood, but they both should be treated similarly. Just have some peace of mind that engineered wood is going to better resist moisture damage, even if you should not leave it exposed to an excessive amount of moisture.


Vinyl flooring is a low-maintenance material that is relatively easy to clean, but you want to avoid any harsh chemicals that can damage the surface. You can use a damp mop on the surface, which can be dipped in a bucket of water that has some dishwashing soap. For tough stains, consider a mixture of vinegar and water, which will not be too abrasive on the flooring surface. 


It is best to mop a tile floor with a mixture of water and baking soda. You actually want to avoid using too much soap on tile floors, since it can leave behind a soapy residue that makes the surface look quite dull. You can rinse the mop between passes by running it under hot water to remove any debris picked up by the mop. 

Having trouble cleaning your floors? Reach out to a home floor cleaning professional for their assistance.