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5 Reasons To Pressure Wash Your Concrete Block Building

Concrete block walls are commonly used for commercial buildings. Not only are they cost-effective at construction but they are also durable and therefore easy to maintain. Periodic washing can freshen the walls at a relatively low cost so they look new again. This improves your business's curb appeal and makes it a more welcoming site for customers. 

1. Mold Stains 

Concrete is somewhat porous, which means outside dampness can lead to unsightly stains from mold, mildew, and algae growth. Often these stains appear in the areas most prone to moisture exposure, such as near the building foundation or where water runs off the roof. Your power washing service can use cleaners designed to kill mold and mildew, which will remove the stains and inhibit future mold growth.

2. Pollutants and Grime

Dingy walls are caused by the collection of air pollutants, pollen, and general dirt and grime that can build up on the surface. Walls that are near parking areas are especially prone to looking grimy due to car exhausts, but any wall can eventually become dingy. Fortunately, pressure washing blasts off surface grime easily, often without the need for any detergents or special cleaners.

3. Graffiti Issues

All graffiti should be removed promptly, as a single act of vandalism can suddenly make your building's walls attractive to more taggers. Scrubbing at graffiti can be time-consuming, but often power washing is all that is needed to blast the unwanted paint off the concrete surface. Further, you can have your walls painted with special sealers that don't allow spray paint to adhere properly, which will make power washing even more effective when it is needed.

4. Paint Preparation

Painting concrete block walls is a common way to both seal the walls and make them attractive. Ideally, the old paint is removed so that the new coat can adhere better to the rough concrete surface. The quickest way to remove old, flaking paint is to use a powerful pressure washer to blast it off. This is best done by professionals, as the wrong level of pressure can damage the concrete itself. 

5. Bird Droppings

Bird droppings may seem like little more than a nuisance, but they are highly acidic. In fact, droppings are acidic enough that they can eat through paint and damage the surface of the concrete blocks. Periodic pressure washing removes the droppings before they have a chance to do permanent damage to your building's exterior. 

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