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The Dangers of Cleaning: Chemical Supply Hazards

Many people may not be aware of the dangers of cleaning with some chemicals. You may have learned some aspects of this risk in your high school chemistry class. However, there are some cleaning supplies that could cause you serious harm if used in the wrong manner. Cleaning companies should always make their employees aware of the dangers surrounding the use of janitorial supplies.

Check out these tips and information about the most dangerous cleaning supplies and how to ensure your employee's safety while using them.

Surprising Facts About Commonly Used Cleaning Products

Many of the cleaning supplies your employees may use on a daily basis contain dangerous, even deadly, chemicals components. Making certain your employees are aware of each chemical and what it could do to them when used incorrectly is extremely important.

Putting together a course manual outlining every cleaner (including all its most active ingredients) you use in your cleaning business is a good idea. Including a course about cleaners and chemical in new employee training can be a great way to ensure the safety of all your employees.

Some of the chemicals found in some commonly used cleaners are:

  • Ethylene oxide- Found in many stain removers used for fabrics and carpets. Long term exposure to thus chemical has been linked to cancer and reproductive problems.
  • Ethylene glycol- An intermediate of ethylene oxide used to sterilize medical equipment and areas in high need of disinfection. This chemical has been found to cause nausea, vomiting and headaches when a person is exposed to it. Care should be taken to wear protective face equipment when using this chemical on a daily basis.
  • Ammonium compounds- Used in bleach, this family of chemicals can cause asthma attacks. Ammonia compounds can also cause respiratory distress in persons that do not suffer with asthma.
  • Sulfuric acid- Found in many drain cleaners, toilet bowl cleaners and many detergents, this chemical is classified as corrosive and can cause severe burns when direct skin contact is made. Breathing in the fumes from sulfuric acid can cause the throat to swell, thus causing respiratory distress.

Other symptoms of sulfuric acid exposure include:

  • Rapid blood pressure drops
  • Vomiting, including vomiting up blood
  • Blindness
  • Fever

Taking the time to provide the safest working conditions for your employees is important for your business to be successful. This is especially true for businesses that uses chemical and cleaners on a regular basis. Learning more about every way you increase the safety of your employees is necessary for you to remain in operation.